In the 60s more land was purchased bringing Wild Acres up to about 1000 acres. And soon after I even had my turn as farm manager for 7 years, trying to bring the farm up to the 20th century - using balers and implementing other sophisticated farm machinery. Managing close to 300 head of cattle as well as all the related equipment and maintenance that a farm requires is quite an experience to say the least. But the knowledge gained in running and maintaining the many types of heavy equipment, tractors and farm machinery was invaluable.

Doc working on his saw mill project and big boy toys at the farm
a recent project to clean up shorelines of the many ponds
and waterways throughout the property
Wild Acres has not been without its share of
tragedies and hardships over the years. The horse barn
which was the first barn built, with lumber
milled from logs from the property, and one where i played
as a boy scout and camped in the hayloft, burned -
all because the caretaker was keeping some rare
turtles heated during a freeze with a faulty heater...hmm
(he is no longer with us)
...and what did i find on top of the pile of burnt rubble?
memories of some of my Grandfather's teachings -
very likely something of his.
and yes, a very hard thing to do
soon to come: renovation of the "A" frame and evolution from ranch to palm and cycad nursery